About Fabula Jewels

Derived from the Latin word-meaning story. Each jewel tells a story of love, devotion and beauty. We believe in sharing this beauty with the world, and bringing that extra touch of glamour for any occasion. Working with 18 carat gold, diamonds and precious stones, we craft delicate, simple, and eye-catching pieces that will complete your look effortlessly, while making you feel fabulous.

Fabula Jewels, a story with every jewel

Our Story

‘Fabula’ is the brainchild of two childhood friends who possess the love and passion for jewelry. They came together in 2015 to create and share with the world simple stories of love, devotion and beauty through their designs...through Fabula...a Latin word meaning a story.

Being young trendy women, Darine Abu Salim and Saada Domloge saw a need in the market for dainty yet glamorous, eternal jewelry. They decided to work with 18 carat gold, diamonds and precious stones to craft delicate, simple, and eye-catching pieces. The concept behind Fabula is all about telling a story, and to embark on that.

Darine’s Story... A 30 year old Palestinian born and raised in Abu Dhabi who is extremely passionate about the art of making jewelry. After many years in the PR and Marketing industry, her love for all things jewels started just after she worked in a local jewelry brand in the UAE in the Marketing Department, where she got immersed in all the facets of jewelry making and operations.

Saadas’s Story... A 28-year-old Syrian born and raised in Abu Dhabi. Saada passion for jewelry started at a much younger age when she used to dress up from head to toe in her mother’s jewels. Saada’s creativity allowed her to start by designing her own style of jewelry. and after much adoration of the pieces she created and consistent support from friends and family, she decided to transform her passion into a business and fill a niche in the market. If that’s not enough, Saada also enjoys the art of dance as a Zumba teacher!

The Jewelry

Working with only 18k gold, diamonds and precious stones and craftsmen who will put your pieces together. Handmade with the utmost care and love these pieces will never tarnish and will last you a lifetime.

Diamonds: Color GH, Clarity: SI

Pearls: Freshwater Pearls

Jewelry Care

While all the pieces are made from solid 18k gold and precious stones they still require a little love and care.

Make sure they are always packed separately because once in contact with other items they could get scratched or tangled. 

For your jewelry to keep its shine you can clean your jewels at home using warm water, little soap and a very soft brush. Use the soapy water and gently scrub the piece with the soft brush.

You can also try soaking your jewelry in warm water for a few hours then gently scrub them with a soft brush

DO NOT scrub pearls and avoid direct contact with perfumes and chemicals. They are very delicate and need to be cared for differently. Preferably to be taken to a professional jeweler to be cleaned.